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David’s experience in prayer

2 Samuel 12:15-17

Now that David had turned back to God, David’s attitudes changed. He no longer selfishly cared about his own pleasure. He no longer proudly opposed God’s command. Instead, he became humble; in other words, he wanted to give God the honour that God deserves.

This happened at the same time as his son became very ill. God had told David, by means of Nathan, that the child would die. So, David began to pray desperately for the child. For a whole week he refused food. He lay upon the ground to show his humble attitude in front of God. He would not leave his house and he prayed constantly.

David’s behaviour at this time worried the palace officials deeply. They urged him to eat, and they tried to persuade him to get up from the ground. They could not understand his attitude of prayer. It seemed to them that David was too worried about the child. Either David was already ill, or he would make himself ill. He needed to realise that he could do nothing more. That was what the officials thought.

However David could do something: he could pray. For the last year, he had acted as if he had forgotten about God. Now, he must learn to depend upon God again, and to trust him completely. Perhaps in his great kindness, God would allow the child to live - but perhaps not. Whatever happened, David had to start to serve God properly again.

Next part: David's officials tell him about his son's death (2 Samuel 12:18-19)


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