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David had no bitter feelings towards Saul

2 Samuel 1:27

As David’s sad poem ends, we recognise something astonishing about his character. These were not merely the proper words to say after the deaths of two important leaders. Rather, David’s poem shows true love and respect to Saul and Jonathan. David himself gave honour to the memory of these two great men; and he desired that all of Israel’s people should do so too.

We can understand David’s love for Jonathan, who had shown great kindness to David. It is David’s love for Saul that truly astonishes us. For several years, Saul had shown the most terrible anger against David. If he could, Saul would have killed David on many occasions. However, David completely refused to have any bitter feelings towards Saul. David did not consider that Saul’s evil actions gave David any reason to behave in an evil way towards Saul (1 Samuel 24:11-13).

It was not that David had forgotten Saul’s evil behaviour. Saul had done wicked things, and it was still necessary to deal with the results of those wicked acts (21:1-14). The troubles that Saul and his family caused David had not ended (3:1).

So, this was an attitude that David chose, on purpose, to show. He would not allow Saul’s evil acts to change him (David) into an evil person. David realised that a person’s evil acts begin with wrong and evil thoughts. So, instead, David thought much about God (Psalm 63). His right thoughts about God caused him to have right thoughts about other people too.

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