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David makes right plans to bring the ark to Jerusalem

2 Samuel 6:12

It brought David great joy to hear of God’s goodness to the family of Obed-Edom. This was the family that had accepted Israel’s most sacred object, the box called the ark, into their home. It had remained there for three months, because David was too afraid to bring it to Jerusalem.

After the death of Uzzah, David had tried to separate himself from God’s holy things. However, it did not please David to do that. David truly loved God; he desired the closest relationship with God that God would permit him to have (Psalm 27:6; Psalm 63:1; compare Psalms 42 and 84).

God had been angry with Uzzah - but God does not want to remain angry against his people. He wants them to turn back to him so that he can forgive them. Then, he can show them his great love and kindness. God was doing that in the lives of Obed-Edom’s family. David could see that God wanted to show the same kindness to David himself, and to his nation.

So, again, David began preparations to bring the ark into Jerusalem. On this second occasion, he was careful to study the laws that God had given about this matter (1 Chronicles 15:1-15). It was the duty of men from the family of Kohath to carry it on their shoulders, by means of long poles (Numbers 7:9). So nobody would touch the ark itself during this procession, as God’s law commands (Numbers 4:15).

Until Uzzah’s death, the first procession had been joyful - but David was not obeying God then. Now that David was obeying God, the people had a proper reason for their joy. They were pleased to give God honour.

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