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David gives his order about Mephibosheth’s property

2 Samuel 19:29-30

Originally, David made Mephibosheth the owner of the property that formerly belonged to King Saul. At the same time, David appointed Ziba to be its manager (2 Samuel chapter 9).

When David had to escape from Absalom, Ziba acted quickly to provide for him, and the people with him. It was a brave and generous act, and David was grateful. Ziba then told David that Mephibosheth had not been loyal to him. So, David handed over the ownership of Mephibosheth’s property to Ziba, as his reward (16:1-4).

Now, however, David discovered that Ziba had lied to him about Mephibosheth. The truth was that Mephibosheth cared deeply about David. David saw that his decision to hand over Mephibosheth’s property was wrong. He needed to make a new order about that property – but he still wanted to reward Ziba. It was clear that Ziba deserved a reward.

So, David told Mephibosheth and Ziba to divide the property between them. There are different opinions about what that meant. Perhaps they would each receive their own part of the property. Perhaps, as originally, Mephibosheth would own the land, and Ziba’s share would be his wages as manager. It was hard for David to know what to do in this situation.

However, then Mephibosheth answered David boldly and generously. He was content for Ziba to receive the whole property. Mephibosheth was not trying to be a rich man. His only desire was for David to rule the country in safety. He was a true friend of David, even as his father Jonathan had been (1 Samuel 23:15-18).

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