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David pours out the water as a gift to God

2 Samuel 23:16-17

David did not ask the three men to get water for him from Bethlehem – and he did not expect them to do it. He had merely expressed a desire for that water. He believed that it was impossible to get it. With an army from Philistia at Bethlehem, it was much too dangerous.

Among the men with David were these three young, brave men. They considered David to be their leader, and they were eager to please him. David often expressed his emotions in a very clear manner. At this time he was sad – but the three men saw a way to encourage him.

As brave men, they were not afraid of their enemies from Philistia. Their plan was dangerous, but they acted in a skilful manner. They did not believe that their plan had no worthwhile purpose. It seemed to them extremely important to prove to David how much they appreciated him. That mattered much, because God had chosen David to be Israel’s next king (1 Samuel 16:1-13). So, David must not allow his present troubles to upset him.

They succeeded in their plan. It was with great joy that they returned to David with some of that precious water. However, David’s reaction when they gave him that gift, astonished everyone. David poured out that water, as a gift to God. He explained that the water, in those circumstances, was too great a gift for him to accept. The three men had shown a true expression of their love for David. However, David also loved his men, and he did not want them to risk their lives. So he declared that an expression of love like that, belonged to God alone.

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