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David’s reply to Michal

2 Samuel 6:21-22

When David danced to give honour to God, Michal, his first wife, was very angry. He had wanted to express his joy to God, but in her opinion, he had acted like a fool whom even the slave girls would laugh at.

David replied in a very firm manner. He was sad and angry to see how proud and bitter Michal was. She was behaving like her father, King Saul, who would do anything to increase his own importance.

However, God does not choose powerful and impressive people who care only about their own importance. God’s people are not the proud people - but rather humble people, the people who gladly choose to give him honour. That is why God’s choice to be king of Israel was David and not Saul. As a young boy, God saw David’s attitudes and he chose David to rule Israel (1 Samuel 16:1-13).

Now that David had become Israel’s king, his attitudes had not changed. He still wanted God to receive all the honour. He was truly grateful for all that God had given him. David was not afraid to do what other people considered shameful, in order to bring praise to God. Rather David would gladly do anything that brought honour to God.

Then, David expressed shock at the nasty way that Michal had spoken about slave girls. In the country that he ruled, they deserved honour and respect. God gives honour to humble people, and David would give them honour too. So, God would give honour to the most humble of those slave girls – and David wanted to receive that kind of honour too. David did not want the honour that proud and impressive people give; he only wanted the honour that comes from God.

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