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David rewards Ziba

2 Samuel 16:4

In chapter 9, David made Ziba the manager of the property that David gave to Mephibosheth. So, Ziba was responsible for property that he did not own. Ziba’s work was to look after that property well, and so to provide a good income for Mephibosheth.

Ziba received good wages for that work, because the property was very great. It included everything that the former king, Saul, had owned (9:7-10).

David had shown great kindness when he gave all that property to Mephibosheth. Mephibosheth knew that he did not deserve that kindness (9:8, 19:28). Similarly, David knew that Mephibosheth could never even begin to repay that kindness. David only expected that Mephibosheth would remain loyal to him, as his king and as his friend.

Now Ziba had told David that Mephibosheth was trying to make himself king. If that were true, it would be a terrible way to behave after David’s great kindness to him. It was not true, but David believed it. Therefore, sadly, David decided that Mephibosheth could not still benefit from David’s kindness.

However, Ziba had looked after the property well. In particular, he used it to look after David and the people with him when they were in great danger. Ziba was using that property to save lives, and that deserves a great reward. For a manager who looks after someone else’s property, it is a truly great reward to have his own property (Luke 19:11-19). David gave that reward to Ziba. Ziba would now be the owner of all the property that formerly belonged to Mephibosheth.

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