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David’s strength came from God

2 Samuel 22:2-4

David had many, powerful enemies in his life, and he overcame them all. King Saul tried to kill him – and David did not even consider it right to attack Saul (1 Samuel 26:8-11). However, God still saved David from him. After that, David became Israel’s king. Israel’s enemies surrounded the nation on every side, and those enemies had fierce and powerful armies. David’s army defeated them all (2 Samuel chapter 8).

David’s strength came from God, and not from himself or his army. By that strength, he defeated enemies that were much more powerful than him.

In his song, David describes what God did for him with a series of word-pictures. A rock is strong – but most rocks do not provide a place of safety from enemies. A castle is a place of safety – but it cannot attack and defeat the enemies. It is a deliverer, a rescuer, a saviour, who defeats the enemy. God did all these things for David. God both kept David safe, and God defeated David’s enemies.

A shield is the board that a soldier holds up to protect his body in battle. David would have used a shield in his many battles – but it was God who protected his life.

A horn is the sharp point on the head of many animals that they use to attack. David could use a sharp sword in battle (1 Samuel 21:8-9) – but it was God who saved David from his enemies. God had saved him from the most cruel and powerful men (21:16-17).

So, in his battles, David was depending on God. He was careful to pray much, before and during each battle. He asked God to help, and he trusted God to do that. He knew the power of prayer – or rather, he knew the power of God, who answers prayer (James 5:16-18).

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