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God declares his perfect plans

2 Samuel 7:10

A prophecy is a message from God, often about the future. Unlike a false god, the real God knows the future before it happens (Isaiah 45:21). That must be true, because God brings about these future events (Isaiah 46:8-13). So what he declares in prophecy, will certainly happen (Isaiah 55:11).

So, the Bible’s prophecies are not merely descriptions of the future. Rather, they are declarations from God of what he will do. By the power of his Holy Spirit, God is showing his people what his perfect plans are (1 Corinthians 2:9-10).

That is why a prophecy in the Bible often seems to refer to more than one future event. God is showing his plans and intentions. Those plans will not be complete with what he will do in the immediate future. What God will do next is simply the next part of his great plan. In the end, God will bring about new heavens and a new earth and the end of every evil thing (Isaiah 65:17-25). So, the prophecy often refers both to the next event, and to God’s whole plan - both at the same time.

So, God’s message to David was that God was bringing peace to his people, Israel. That refers both to the peace during Solomon’s rule, and to God’s plans for them that are still in the future. That next period of peace mattered very much to David. It would provide an opportunity for the construction of the temple, God’s house in Jerusalem. David had wanted very much to build the temple himself (7:1-2). However, that period of peace did not complete God’s plans for his people, Israel. In the end, God will bring them such peace that wicked people will never attack them again (Isaiah 11:1-9; Revelation 21:1-4).

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