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God declares that the Messiah will come

2 Samuel 23:3

David again emphasises that he is declaring a message from God. He calls God ‘the Rock of Israel’. A great rock is strong and firm in its position; it does not move. In the same way, God will not change his mind about these matters; his promises are definite and certain. A great rock’s strength can provide a place of security and safety. In the same way, these promises show how God will make Israel, his people, safe.

In our opinion, many Bible translations do not translate this verse well. They merely say that a king or ruler has a duty to rule his people well, and to respect God. Everyone knows that already; but David has said that he is declaring a truly great and important message from God.

The correct message is this: there will be a truly great ruler – the future king who is called the Messiah. He will rule the world (Psalm 2), and his government will be right and good in every way (Isaiah 11:1-9). That will be so because this king respects God completely. Fear of God (in other words, respect for God) will direct all of his actions. In that way, God will bring safety to Israel, and the whole world will benefit (Genesis 12:2-3; Zechariah 14:9). Only by means of God’s Messiah can the world know peace that truly lasts.

David did much during his life for Israel. He had tried to rule in a right and proper manner (Psalm 101), but in some matters, he failed badly (12:7-10). However, God gave him this wonderful promise that the Messiah will come. What David failed to achieve in his rule, God’s Messiah will achieve.

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