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God gave David the strength to win his battles

2 Samuel 22:33-37

We expect the most powerful army to win a battle and the strongest man to win a fight. However, David insisted that his own strength was not the reason for his success.

David had achieved truly great things in war. He overcame all of his enemies. He won many wars and by them, he brought peace to Israel. However, David gave all the honour for that success to God. This was God’s work and without him, none of these things would have happened. God gave David the strength for the battle; God taught David to fight; God protected David in danger; God even prepared the way for David to go along.

In Israel, a graceful and beautiful animal called the deer lives on the highest hills. Its feet stand firmly even on the rocky surfaces. It runs fast, even in places where people find it difficult to walk.

David said that God had made him like the deer. In other words, David was safe and comfortable in situations that made other people afraid. Therefore, he controlled the hills and mountains of Israel and he successfully protected them from Israel’s enemies.

Bronze is a strong metal. Only the strongest soldiers could bend a bronze bow, in order to shoot an arrow. God had not merely given David the skill to win his battles. God also gave David the physical strength that he needed. In both attack and defence, God was supporting David.

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