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God is the judge of all people

2 Samuel 22:26-27

God behaves in the same way that any good and right judge behaves. The work of a judge is to help innocent people and to punish wicked people. Therefore, a kind and good person receives only kindness from a good judge. A sincere person will find that judge to be sincere in all that he does. A loyal and true person will see that his judge, too, is loyal and true. That judge will never disappoint such people. He will support them in their troubles; he will rescue them from the cruel and wicked enemies who oppose them.

A wicked and evil person will have a very different experience of that same judge. That evil person thinks that he too will gain the judge’s support. He thinks that he will use untrue statements to convince the judge. He expects the judge to believe his lies, even as the judge believed the true words of the good person.

However, a good judge must examine all the evidence carefully. Then, it will become clear to him that the evil man has spoken lies. That makes the judge very angry. He considers that the evil man has insulted him by those lies (Galatians 6:7-8). The result is a terrible punishment against that man who dared to speak lies to the judge.

In the evil man’s opinion, that judge is a very cruel man. The judge even dared to use the evil man’s own words against him. Usually, it is only evil people who will use a person’s words against him. So this evil and guilty man cannot see why anyone would consider his judge to be kind and good. Instead, the evil man can only think that the judge was too clever for him.

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