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God sends Nathan to David

2 Samuel 12:1

God truly cares about people. He wants even the most wicked people to turn to him, so that he can forgive them (Ezekiel 18:30-32; Mark 2:15-17). He carries out the most extraordinary acts in order to bring people back into a right relationship with him (Luke 15:1-7; Romans 5:6-8).

David had carried out his evil deeds in secret. Few people knew anything about what he had done - and nobody, except David, knew everything. Nathan knew nothing about it. However, Nathan was a prophet, a holy man who received messages from God (see 2 Samuel 7:4 and 1 Kings 1:38).

God showed Nathan the whole matter, and he sent him to David. God had seen David’s evil acts (Psalm 51:4). God knows all things (Psalm 139:1-6).

As the king, David was also the most important judge in Israel. Nathan went to David and he asked David to issue his judgment in a matter.

Of course, Nathan could have simply told David what God had shown him. So, we ask why Nathan chose to discuss it as a legal matter. It may be, of course, that God directed him to do that. If so, then clearly there was an important reason why God told him that.

When we continue in evil behaviour, the attitude of our hearts becomes hard - in other words, unwilling to change. We become more ready to accuse other people than to recognise our own evil deeds (Romans 2:21-24). That had happened to David - however, he still wanted to be a good judge who made right judgments. So, Nathan described to David his (David’s) own situation. Nathan urged him in that way to make a right decision about himself.

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