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Hushai would advise Absalom because of Hushai’s friendship with David

2 Samuel 16:19

In reality, Hushai was explaining clearly what his opinions truly were. He supported David, the king whom God had chosen. Absalom heard Hushai’s words, but, because of his (Absalom’s) proud ambitions, he could not understand that. In Absalom’s opinion, Hushai was giving reasons why he now supported Absalom and not David.

Hushai now changed his subject to discuss the relationship between a father and his son. When a man has a son, it is normal and natural for the man’s friend to help that son. For example, that was why David helped Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s son, in chapter 9. In such circumstances, the friend helps the son because of his friendship with the father.

So, Hushai was now offering to help Absalom because of his friendship with Absalom’s father, David. Of course Hushai had not forgotten the love that he owed to David as David’s friend. However, circumstances had changed. It was David’s son Absalom, and not David himself, who needed Hushai’s advice now. In each situation, Hushai would carefully consider all of the facts to give the best advice that he knew. That was what Hushai had done for David in the past. That was what he would now do for Absalom.

So, Absalom accepted Hushai, and soon he would ask him for advice. However, Absalom was still not thinking properly about what Hushai said. Hushai never said that he had now decided to oppose David. Rather, he made it clear that his love for David as a friend had not ended. Hushai still gave good advice to Absalom. However, at the same time, he warned David so that David could protect himself. In that way, Hushai served both the father and the son.

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