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Jonadab’s evil plan

2 Samuel 13:5

It seems to have been the custom in ancient Israel that young men did not usually talk with young women (2 Samuel 13:2; Proverbs 7:7-10).

A young man like Amnon would usually talk with his brothers, and with friends like Jonadab. Similarly, the young unmarried women would remain together, and talk with each other. When the right time came for marriage, the parents would arrange everything.

So, Amnon did not even get an opportunity to meet Tamar, his sister whom he liked very much. Even in the palace, where they saw each other constantly, Amnon could not speak to her.

So Jonadab, who was very clever, made a plan for them to meet. He probably considered himself a good adviser. However, he seemed not to think about the risks and dangers of his plan, which an adviser must always do. In the end, Jonadab’s plan would cause his friend’s death, in addition to many other serious problems.

Jonadab’s plan depended on a lie. It was true that Amnon was ill. However, he was not so seriously ill that he needed to go to bed. King David cared very much about his children. The plan was to make David believe that lie. Then David would agree to a meeting between Amnon and Tamar.

Of course David would not agree to such a meeting if the purpose was for Amnon to tell Tamar his feelings. However, Jonadab’s plan gave the impression that the purpose was for Tamar to nurse her ill brother. That was the kind of request to which David, with his kind and gentle attitudes, would agree.

Next part: Amnon asks David to send Tamar to him (2 Samuel 13:6)


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