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Jonadab’s extraordinary reaction to the news

2 Samuel 13:31-33

It was a truly terrible shock for David to hear the report that his sons were all dead. He and all his servants tore their clothes to express how sad they were. He felt so desperately weak that he lay down on the ground. His servants stood still round him.

In this awful situation, one man boldly spoke. He protested that the report was not correct.

From his own personal knowledge, he knew what had happened at Absalom’s party. It had been clear that this must happen for the last two years.

The speaker was Jonadab, the friend who advised Amnon how to arrange his meeting with Tamar (13:5). At that meeting, Amnon forced her to have sex. Jonadab had seen how angry Absalom, Tamar’s brother, had been since that time. Jonadab knew Absalom’s character. During those two years. Absalom had been waiting for his opportunity to kill Amnon. Now it had happened.

So Jonadab did not believe the report that all King David’s sons were dead. Absalom was not angry with them; his anger was only against Amnon. Jonadab insisted therefore that only David’s oldest son, Amnon, was dead.

Jonadab’s behaviour was extraordinary. He had tempted Amnon to do this wrong thing. Now he knew that Amnon’s life was in danger - but he did not even warn his friend. In each of these situations, his main desire seemed to be to impress people with his knowledge and intelligence.

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