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Michal, David’s first wife

2 Samuel 6:16

David was so joyful that he danced to give God honour. However, Michal, David’s first wife, did not share his joy.

Michal seems to be someone who cared very much about her own importance. Her father had been the king, and she proudly considered herself to be superior to other people.

So, she did not join the crowds on that special day, although many women were there (6:19). Instead she remained in a private room in the palace. She watched the procession through a window - and what she saw, disgusted her.

At one time, Michal had loved David (1 Samuel 18:20). Then David was a brave young soldier, who commanded 1000 men. Michal admired him, as all the young women did. Michal could see that David would be important in Israel - and she wanted to share his importance.

In 1 Samuel 19:11-17, Michal even saved David’s life. When David left the country, her father arranged for her to marry another man. When David returned as king of Judah, he demanded Michal back. That upset her new husband greatly; we do not know what Michal thought about it (3:13-16).

So now, Michal was again David’s wife - and David was the king of all Israel. However, in Michal’s opinion, David was behaving shamefully. David was not behaving in a powerful and proud manner. He did not demand that everyone must show him honour. Instead, David did not even seem to care about the honour that was due to him. In his great joy, David only cared about the honour that is due to God.

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