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Nathan approves of David’s plan

2 Samuel 7:3

Nathan was a prophet, a holy man who received messages from God. Often, the messages from God that Nathan gave to David were particularly clear. That was probably because Nathan had an especially close relationship with God (compare Numbers 12:6-8).

Perhaps that was why David asked Nathan for advice on this important occasion. David wanted to build the temple, the great house of God in Jerusalem. So, it seemed wise for David first to discuss his plan with such a holy man as Nathan.

Nathan’s initial reaction was that he was pleased with David’s plan. He seemed as eager about the matter as David was. He urged David to carry out his plans. Nathan gave his reason: he could see that God was working powerfully in and through David’s life. Therefore, Nathan was sure that God would support David in this great plan. Both men believed firmly that the construction of the temple at this time would bring great honour to God.

However, in this reply, Nathan was not speaking by the power of God’s Spirit. His advice did not come from God; instead, Nathan was simply expressing the thoughts of his natural human mind. Although Nathan did not yet realise it, he was directing David wrongly. However, that night, God gave Nathan a clear message to tell to David.

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