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Tamar enters Amnon’s room

2 Samuel 13:10

Amnon seemed so weak that he needed his sister to feed him by hand. It was not right that his servants should see him in such a weak state. So he ordered his servants to leave, and they left him and Tamar alone.

We ask whether Tamar realised the danger of this situation. Probably she did not. She was there to help her brother, who was dangerously ill. Her father, King David, had sent her to do that. She had no reason to imagine that Amnon wanted to have sex with her. He was her older brother, and she respected him deeply. She trusted him.

Amnon saw this as his only opportunity to be with the young woman whom he loved. Of course this was not true love, but rather a strong desire for her. That desire had become so strong that Amnon could think of nothing else. It had made him ill - but not so ill as Tamar and everyone else believed.

Amnon’s only thought now was about how he could satisfy his desire at once. He did not care about God’s law (Leviticus 20:17; Deuteronomy 22:28-29). He did not think about how his evil behaviour would ruin Tamar’s life. He seemed even not to think about his father’s honour, or his brother Absalom’s anger. Amnon’s plan was to bring Tamar closer and closer to him. When she feels safe in his house, he brings her into his room. When she is in his room, he urges her to come close to his bed. She must not know what his true intention is. If she realises it, she will escape.

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