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True heroes: Saul and Jonathan

2 Samuel 1:22-24

King Saul’s rule over Israel lasted for 40 years (Acts 13:21). During almost all of that time, his son Jonathan loyally led Israel’s armies together with his father.

The two men were true heroes. The country that Saul began to rule was then poor, weak and under the control of its enemy, Philistia. The men did not even have swords with which to fight, at one time (1 Samuel 13:16-22). However, Saul and Jonathan trusted God and they fought fiercely (1 Samuel 11:6-11 and 14:1-15).

In time, Saul ruined his relationship with God (1 Samuel 15:17-23); but Jonathan’s relationship with God always remained strong. Still, during their many wars, they fought bravely to support each other and to bring freedom to God’s people. Their own people loved and respected them; their enemies feared them. Only death could separate Saul and Jonathan – and in a sense, it did not separate them. They died together, in the same, terrible battle.

They showed such strength, such courage, and such energy. They cared so deeply for the people whom they ruled. All of Saul’s anger, and even his great cruelty, could not change those facts. Once Israel’s women had sung to praise Saul as their hero. Now they must weep for his death. They must never forget what he did for them. Without him, they could never have owned beautiful clothes or precious objects. Now that he was dead, Philistia’s army would again rule their nation for a time. Israel’s people – and particularly, its women – would suffer much until David could again bring peace to Israel.

Next part: David weeps for Jonathan, his true friend (2 Samuel 1:25-26)


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