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Uriah chooses not to return home

2 Samuel 11:9

Uriah was a brave, noble and honourable man. He had accepted many difficulties in his life to do what he believed to be right and good. He had left his own people, called the Hittites, to serve Israel’s God and to fight in David’s army. In that army, he was in constant danger, and he probably suffered much.

Uriah did not do those things for his own comfort, or even to please his king. He did those things because they were the right things to do.

So, when David sent Uriah back home, to spend the night with his wife, Uriah did not go. Of course Uriah loved his wife; of course he wanted to see her. However, Uriah was a soldier, and a soldier’s duties matter more than his comfort (2 Timothy 2:3-4). Or rather, Uriah did not want to accept any comfort while Israel’s army had no comfort. Even now, Israel’s soldiers were in danger, in their camp, while they waited for an opportunity to attack Rabbah in Ammon. In Uriah’s opinion, this was not a proper time to accept the comforts of his home and his wife.

Many poor boys chopped wood and carried water for use in David’s palace. They did not have their own homes; they simply slept in a place by the main gate. So, Uriah took his place too, with them. David had sent gifts for Uriah to enjoy - perhaps Uriah shared these good things with the servant boys. Then Uriah slept there, by the gate. He expected David to send him back to the army and to the war, in the morning.

Next part: David asks why Uriah did not return home (2 Samuel 11:10)


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