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The war against Ammon continues

2 Samuel 11:1

In chapter 10, the king of Ammon caused a war and he paid the army of Aram (also called Syria) to support him against Israel. David had to order every man in Israel who could fight, to join the battle against Aram’s great army (10:15-19).

After the defeat of Aram, David realised that he still needed to defeat Ammon. It was dangerous to have such a cruel and evil nation on the south-east border of Israel. However, David himself was now almost 50 years old. David did not want to go out to fight again; he preferred to relax in his palace in Jerusalem, with his many wives and children.

So, David sent Joab, his chief army commander, to fight against Ammon. David put Joab in command of the army of Israel.

Joab was a capable leader, and the army achieved a series of successes. They first went around the country regions of Ammon, and they overcame all its smaller towns. Joab chose to deal with Rabbah, the capital city, last.

Rabbah was a strong city, with high walls and good defences. Joab’s men camped round the city, and they would not allow anyone to enter or to leave it. In time, its people would become weak, hungry and desperate. That would be the best time to attack the city. Until that time came, Joab’s men simply waited for their opportunity to attack.

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