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When beautiful music and sincere attitudes do not please God

2 Samuel 6:5

David was himself a musician (1 Samuel 16:23). He loved to play musical instruments as he sang to praise God (Psalm 92:1-3, Psalm 108:1-3). The people in Israel used musical instruments of every kind as they praised God (Psalm 150).

The person who loves God, desires to offer the most beautiful things to him (23:13-17). So, of course David wanted to give God honour with beautiful music. However, beautiful gifts do not give God honour if we are not obeying him (1 Samuel 15:22).

Many people think that, to please God, they only need to have sincere attitudes. However, on this occasion, David’s attitudes were sincere: he truly wanted to give thanks and honour to God. David’s plan was also correct: he was doing what God wanted. God wanted David to bring the sacred box, called the ark, to Jerusalem. Jerusalem was the special place that God had chosen to become the place for his house, called the temple (Deuteronomy 12:11).

However, David was not obeying God in how David tried to bring the ark to Jerusalem. God had given instructions about how Israel’s people must move the ark (Numbers 7:9). Men from the family of Kohath must carry it on their shoulders, with long poles. It was true that Philistia’s people had previously moved it on a cart, a simple vehicle with wheels (1 Samuel 6:1-14). However, David was a prophet, a very holy man (Acts 2:29-30) - so, his responsibility in front of God was great. He should have known and obeyed the law of God (Deuteronomy 17:18-20).

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