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Why did David’s officials support him?

2 Samuel 15:15

David had nothing to offer to the officials who, until now, had been so loyal to him. If they escaped with him, they must leave their homes and their possessions at once. They would be risking their lives, and the lives of their families, with him. In this difficult and dangerous situation, David could not force them to go with him. They were free to make their own decision.

They could have acted very differently from what they actually did. They could have forced David to escape alone. Or, they could have killed David then tried to make peace with Absalom. That was how the inhabitants of Abel Beth Maacah would behave in a similar situation (20:21-22).

However, David’s officials in Jerusalem chose to remain with David, whatever dangers they would suffer. It astonished David how many people left their homes to escape with him.

There were several reasons why they acted in this extraordinary manner. Firstly, they truly loved David. They knew him to be a kind, good and sincere man. He cared for them, so they cared deeply about him.

Then, they knew about God’s promises to David (1 Samuel 16:1-13; 2 Samuel 3:18 and 7:5-16). They knew that God had appointed him to be their king. So, it was wrong and evil to fight against him (1 Samuel 26:9).

Also, David was a good king (8:15). Absalom would soon show that he would use his power in a very cruel and wicked manner (16:21-22).

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