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A wide place

2 Samuel 22:20

In the battle, David’s enemies attacked him from every side. He hardly had enough ground to stand on, from which he could defend himself.

In the same way, nations which were enemies of Israel were on every side of Israel. They constantly attacked Israel so that, before David, Israel had hardly enough land even to exist as a nation.

So when David had defeated all his enemies, Israel at last had peace. He no longer had to stand in a narrow place in battle. Israel had overcome its enemies, and it controlled much of the surrounding land. The nations that enemies had formerly ruled, now respected Israel. Many of them even accepted David’s rule and they paid their taxes to his government (2 Samuel chapter 8).

Therefore, David says that God brought him into a wide place. God both gave comfort to David, and peace to Israel. They were no longer fighting for their lives. God had been very good to them, and David was truly grateful.

David loved God (Psalm 18:1), and his deepest desire was to please God (see 1 Kings 11:4-6). Those sincere attitudes that David showed, truly pleased God. That was why God acted so powerfully to help David. God does not normally do such things for wicked people who have no desire to turn from their evil deeds. However, he does work in the lives of those people who truly turn to him. Those are the people whom God saves, or rescues (Romans 10:11-12).

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