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The wise woman advises David

2 Samuel 14:12

David had now dealt fully with the woman’s problem. However, she still did not leave. The king had generously helped her, and she desired to do something for the king, in return.

What she wanted to do, was to give some wise advice to the king. It was not only kings and their advisers who studied to be wise. Even a poor widow, in the difficult circumstances of her life, could learn wisdom that would help a king (Proverbs 30:24-28).

David already believed that the woman was wise. She had not gone away when other people would leave him. She continued to demand her rights until she got them. (Compare Luke 18:1-5). She insisted that David must deal with her troubles properly.

So David permitted her to speak. The woman then spoke to him with great authority, as if she were one of God’s prophets (holy people). However, her message did not come from God, but from Joab, the commander of David’s army. She did not speak in the power of God’s Holy Spirit – rather, she used her human skills and intelligence to persuade David. She spoke about God – but what she said about God may not be correct. An impressive and powerful speaker is not always right. In fact, such a person can be dangerous, because it is much easier to believe an impressive person. Such a person can persuade people to carry out some very foolish acts.

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