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The woman praises David

2 Samuel 14:17

The woman praised David because she wanted to please him. She had previously said some unpleasant things to him because he had not allowed Absalom to return (14:13). However, she did not want David to become angry, but rather, to change his mind. So now, she spoke some nice words about him, to encourage him to do what she wanted.

David had acted with such great wisdom when he heard her story, the woman said. Before she came to him, her situation seemed hopeless. It seemed impossible that any human judge could understand her situation well enough to help her. However, David had understood her problems. He had realised that her son was not guilty of murder. He had recognised the selfish and greedy attitudes of her relatives who wanted to punish the son with death.

To her, therefore, David seemed like one of God’s angels, his special servants in heaven who help his people (Genesis 28:12; Hebrews 1:14). She was saying that God had given David special skills and wisdom to be Israel’s king. David too, therefore, was God’s servant; he was carrying out God’s work in the world.

So, the woman blessed David. She declared that David’s God is the only true God. He would be with David to support David in his rule.

These words impressed David greatly. However, David realised that something about them was wrong. The woman’s words sounded too much like a speech that someone had prepared. David knew only one person who prepared speeches like that: Joab, the chief commander of his army.

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