About the UsefulBible website

Dear Friends and Dear Readers,

Let me invite you to study the Bible with us at usefulbible.com. We have more than 1500 articles for you to read, and several books that you can download freely.

Our particular subject is what the original authors of the Bible believed. Our method is to study a whole Bible book, and every verse of that book in turn. However, if your time is short, you can turn to any article and read our notes on it.

People across the world read our articles, and they differ much, both in their knowledge of the Bible and of the English language. We try hard to make our articles useful to everyone who uses the website. For that reason, all our articles are in EasyEnglish, a simple English system that Wycliffe Associates UK / MissionAssist UK designed, with a 2800 word vocabulary. For the benefit of those readers with a good knowledge of the Bible, we give plenty of Bible references. In that way, these studies can be the beginning of a much deeper study of the subjects.

Perhaps it may interest you to know how this work began. Back in 2003, I was the speaker at a church meeting locally. The leader of that meeting was my good friend, Professor Barrie Wetherill, who set up Wycliffe Associates in the UK. Before the meeting, he spoke to me about the EasyEnglish Bible commentaries (books to explain the Bible) that they were writing to assist the work of Bible translation across the world. They needed people with skills like mine, and soon afterwards, I became one of their authors, then the leader of their commentary team.

I was pleased to do that work for several years. However, I wanted to provided my readers with articles that would help them to study the Bible in more detail. That was why, in 2010, I set up usefulbible.com.

It is very wonderful to share these Bible studies with so many people across the world. However, it will be even more wonderful if, by them, you will learn to know God better and to trust him more. May the God of the Bible teach you through his own precious word!

Keith Simons

Please write to me if you wish to tell me your opinions about any of the articles, or your experiences with the website. Please mention your country, and if you represent a church. Email: office3@usefulbible.com