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Christians should never behave as the devil wants

Ephesians 4:27

In a battle, soldiers cannot allow their enemy to take any land from them. If they do, the enemy will certainly use his new position for his own advantage. So, the enemy will be even stronger as a result.

The devil is a powerful enemy (6:12), and he is constantly looking for opportunities to oppose God’s people (1 Peter 5:8). Christians do not need to be afraid of the devil, because Christ has already defeated him (Hebrews 2:14-15). Even when they suffer in this life, Christ’s death and their trust in God give them the power to overcome the devil (Revelation 12:11). However, Christians cannot simply do whatever things please them. If they do, they give the devil an opportunity to attack them. They are like soldiers who, by their own weakness, have given an advantage to their enemy.

For example, the evil things in this world might make Christians angry, but Christians should not continue to be angry (4:26). They must hand the matter over to God, for him to deal with (Romans 12:19). Otherwise, their angry thoughts give the devil an opportunity to make them weaker. In time, our angry thoughts can become bitter feelings towards someone. Perhaps we become jealous of that person, or perhaps we are unwilling to forgive that person. We no longer show to that person the love and kindness that Christians should show to everyone (Romans 12:20). Instead, we develop an attitude of hate, which could lead to even worse acts.

So, Christians should never behave as the devil wants them to do.

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