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God’s plan for his people in the future age

Ephesians 2:7

God is very kind to everyone who receives Christ into their life (John 1:12). He forgives that person’s evil deeds. He makes alive that person’s spirit, which was dead (2:1-5). He even gives that person a position of authority (2:6), so that with prayer, faith (trust in God) and truth, they can stand against the devil (6:10-18).

God does not do these things only so that his people will feel a sense of satisfaction, or freedom from shame. The purpose of his kindness is not only to benefit his people’s lives now, in this present world. God cares about their lives now, but he cares even more about their future lives. God has always been God, and he will always be God. He has promised his people life without end (John 3:16). He saves (rescues) people now, because he has chosen them to be his children in the future age (Romans 8:14-21: Revelation 21:7). God has prepared the most wonderful things for them (1 Corinthians 2:9). They will have the full rights of God’s children; they will rule with Christ always (Revelation 22:3-5).

This is God’s wonderful plan for his people (1:9-10). Of course they do not deserve such kindness; of course they can never earn this honour. Instead, they gladly choose to give God all the honour for the wonderful things that he has done. They recognise, in all his goodness, his grace, in other words, his great kindness to his people. That causes them not to be proud about these things, but to have grateful and humble hearts (attitudes). They will use all that God gives them for his honour. They will serve him in the right way, in the way that truly pleases God.

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