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The gospel of peace

Ephesians 6:15

In the previous verse, Paul reminded us about how carefully soldiers protect the inner parts of their bodies. Christians too must protect the inner parts of themselves: their mind and their spirit. They do that by means of their love for what is true and righteous (good). In other words, their right and true attitudes protect their heart (mind) and spirit.

Right thoughts should produce right actions. In the Bible, how a person ‘walks’ is a word-picture for all of his actions (5:8). So, Paul reminds us about the strong boots that soldiers wear to protect their feet. That, he says, is like the gospel (the good news about Christ). In other words, Christ’s good news should direct all of a Christian’s actions. The gospel should cause them always to act in love, and to do what is good (Romans 12:9; Ephesians 2:10).

The gospel is here called the gospel of ‘peace’. That may seem a strange word to use in this description of a soldier who is preparing to fight. A Christian can never have peace with the devil; the devil opposes fiercely all that is good or right. Rather, a Christian’s peace is a right relationship with God, which comes through the gospel of Christ (Romans 5:1). It also brings that Christian into a right relationship with other people who accept the gospel (2:14).

Ephesians 6:15 is similar to Isaiah 52:7, although there are differences. There, the description is of runners, not soldiers. They run to bring the good news that God has defeated Israel’s enemies. So, there is peace for Israel’s people; and people in every nation will see that God has saved (rescued) Israel (Isaiah 52:10).

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