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Some reasons to study the Book of Ephesians

(1) The Book of Ephesians reminds us powerfully about the greatness of God. God made his plan before he even created the world; and by that plan, he will finally bring all things under the rule of Christ (1:3-10). Christ’s love is greater than anything that we can understand (3:18-19). He is working more powerfully than we can imagine in the lives of his people (3:20).

(2) The book urges Christians to recognise the importance of what God is doing in their lives. They did not become Christians simply by their own decision, but by a great act of God’s power. Christ died to give them a right relationship with God (1:7); the Holy Spirit fills them as evidence that God will complete his work in their lives (1:14).

(3) The book teaches how much prayer matters. Christians have a real enemy, the devil (2:2), and he still has real power in this world. However, in prayer, Christians can declare their agreement with God’s word and his plans, and so oppose the devil (6:10-20). Paul includes some of his own prayers in the book (1:15-23; 3:14-21).

(4) We learn about the effect of Christ’s death upon the relationship between Jews (Israel’s people) and Gentiles (people from other nations). God has brought them together to be the people of God (2:11-18), whom Christ truly loves as his bride (5:23-30).

(5) The book reminds us that God is working through church leaders to bring his people into a mature relationship with him (4:11-14).

(6) There is much practical advice for Christians in how to deal with other people at home, at work, and elsewhere (4:25 to 6:9).

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This book is in EasyEnglish Level B (2800 words), which was developed by Wycliffe Associates (UK).

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