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Word List

angel ~ one of Godís special servants in *heaven. *Angels bring messages from God.

circumcise ~ to cut a little skin from a manís (or boyís) body. It is from the part of the body that only males have.

Holy Spirit ~ The Holy Spirit is God, even as the Father and the Son are God. But there is only one God. The Holy Spirit is always working in this world. He helps people to believe. He teaches them. And he is present in the lives of people who believe.

Jew ~ a person who is born from the families of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Jewish rules ~ the rules that the *Jews must obey. These rules include Godís rules, which are in the Bible.

righteous ~ completely good. (No people are completely good. So really, nobody is righteous. And there is nothing that people can do to make themselves righteous. Only God can make people righteous.)

spirit ~ the part of a person that is alive, but which we cannot see. There are also bad spirits and good spirits. The *Holy Spirit is Godís Spirit.


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