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Christ became a man

Hebrews 2:14-15

So, Christ became human, like the people whom he wanted to save. He is Godís Son. But he accepted a human body, although it is weak. He even accepted death so that he could free people from death.

His purpose was that people would become the children of God. And to achieve it, he became the same as them in every way. He wanted them to become his brothers and sisters. So he had a body like theirs. He had blood like theirs. He had a life like theirs. He joined in their battle against the devil. But the devil could not overcome him.

The devil tested Jesus in every way. He urged Jesus not to obey God the Father. He offered Jesus an easier way to rule the world. But Jesus refused (Matthew 4:1-11). So the devil fought against Jesus. He put Jesus in danger often.

In the end, the devil took advantage of Jesusí human weakness. He caused the soldiers to put Jesus on a cross to die. And Jesus died there. But that was not defeat for Jesus. That was success. That was Godís perfect plan to destroy the devilís power. By Jesusí death, God has freed his people from the power of death. The devil controlled them like slaves, but God made them free!

That happened because Jesus had obeyed his Father perfectly. Jesus never did anything that was bad or evil. So God the Father accepted Jesusí death as the perfect sacrifice on behalf of people.

A sacrifice is a gift that God considers valuable. People used to give animals as their sacrifices. And that allowed them to have a relationship with God. But the death of Jesus was the perfect sacrifice. It frees people from the power of the devil. It makes them the sons and daughters of God.

No sacrifice could ever be more valuable to God than the blood of his own precious Son, Jesus Christ.

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