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The decision to join Godís people

Hebrews 11:25

The author of Hebrews refers to Mosesí decision (Hebrews 11:24). Moses had become a great man in Egypt; people considered him a member of the royal family. But then Moses decided that he would consider himself as one of Godís people, called the Israelites. Moses had been born into their families, and he wanted to join them.

It was a bold decision. The Israelites were slaves in Egypt. And Moses decided to join them before he knew either them, or God, properly. But in all his troubles, Moses never changed that decision. He wanted to be one of Godís people, although he would suffer much. And that was better than to do the things that God considers wrong.

When people become Christians, they are making a similar decision. They choose to do the things that God considers right. And they choose not to do those things that God considers wrong.

Their decision is a bold decision too. They have chosen to join Godís people (1 Peter 2:10). That decision is like the decision to become a citizen of a foreign country (1 Peter 2:11). Sometimes Christians have to suffer for that decision (1 Peter 3:17).

There is a good reason why people in this world are sometimes cruel to Christians. Many things that people in this world enjoy, Christians consider to be wrong. Perhaps those things brought pleasure to the Christians too, before they believed. Because Christians are not perfect, perhaps they still do those things sometimes. But those things bring no pleasure when they consider Godís opinion about them.

So the attitudes, thoughts and desires of Christians are often very different from those of people that are not Christians.

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