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God the Father and the Son

Hebrews 1:2

The authorís purpose is to teach us that Jesus is God. In order to do that, he explains the relationship between God the Father and the Son.

It is the Fatherís plan that the Son should receive all things. This is like a great king who appoints his son to rule. The son may not rule immediately. But it is certain that, at the proper time, the fatherís desire for his son will happen. The father has declared that he will not divide the country between many rulers. Everything will belong to his son.

But we must also realise that Godís Son has always existed. God Ė the Father, Son and Spirit Ė has always been there. He is one God, now and always. The Father did not create the Son. But the Father did send the Son into the world.

God did that in the beginning, when he created the world. We read about it in Genesis chapter 1. He spoke his word. So he created each thing by his word. John 1:14 says that the Ďwordí means Godís Son.

It does not astonish Christians that God created the world. Nor does it astonish them that he will return to rule it. We expect God to create and to rule. He would not be God if he did not do these things.

But it does astonish Christians very much that Godís Son came to save people. These people were Godís enemies. They had neglected his laws; they refused his rule in their lives. But God loved the world so much that he sent his Son, Jesus (John 3:16). He sent Jesus to save people who did not deserve his help.

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