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God is establishing Christís rule

Hebrews 10:13

We have said that, by his death, Christ destroyed the power of the devil, sin and death. And we have seen that his work was both complete and perfect.

But when we look at our world, it is hard to see the evidence of that fact. Godís people still die. All people Ė even genuine Christians Ė are guilty of sin (evil deeds that are against Godís law). And the devil controls much that happens here.

However, if we were in heaven, the fact would be very clear. Christ, Godís Son, sits at the right side of God the Father. That is all the evidence that we need. Because Christ is there, God has accepted Christís sacrifice (death). If Christís work were not complete, he would not sit in the most important place in heaven. God the Father has given that honour to his Son because his (Christís) work is perfect.

Psalm 110:1 explains what is happening in this world now. God is establishing his rule on earth, even as he already rules heaven (Matthew 6:10). Christ sits at the right side of the Father, because he is waiting. As he waits, his enemies still seem to have power on this earth. But God the Father has already chosen the time when Christ will return to rule (Mark 13:32). And then the reality will be clear on earth, even as it already is in heaven. Everyone will see that Christ has completely defeated his enemies (the devil, sin and death). Sometimes soldiers would put their feet on their enemiesí necks to show that they had defeated them completely (Joshua 10:24; 1 Corinthians 15:25). So this word-picture shows Christís complete success against the devil, sin and death.

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