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Love and the first Christians

Hebrews 13:23

The last few lines of the Book of Hebrews remind us that, originally, it was a private letter. Probably its author expected that only a few people would read it. He wrote it in order to teach those people about the Bible at a time when he could not visit them.

We know neither the authorís name, nor the circumstances and event to which he refers here. But is seems that both he and Timothy had been in prison because of their relationship with God. Timothy was now free. The author requested prayer that he too would be free soon (Hebrews 13:19). Then he and Timothy could travel together. The author wanted to bring Timothy to visit the people who had received this book. Then the author and Timothy would both be able to teach them more.

These plans are evidence of how much the first Christians cared about each other. They desired to see each other. They wanted to travel together. The leaders wanted to teach the members. And, they did not allow any trouble to stop them. There was genuine love between the church leaders and the church members. That love was evidence that they really were Godís children (1 John 3:1).

There is only one man called Timothy in the Bible; he worked with Paul. In fact, Paul wrote the Books of 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy as letters to him. For that and other reasons people guess that Paul wrote the Book of Hebrews. But that is only a guess. However, the love that the first Christians had for each other is a clear fact. Jesus told them to do that (John 15:12). And the Bible often refers to it (see, for example, Acts 2:44-47).

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