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The prayers of Jesus

Hebrews 5:7

We know that the first Christians liked to talk often about Jesus’ life on this earth. That is why we have 4 Gospels (books about Jesus’ life). But the Book of Hebrews is about Jesus’ work in heaven. So it hardly mentions his life on earth.

However, this verse is different. And the information that it gives may astonish us. It is about the way that Jesus prayed. We already know from the Gospels that, in Gethsemane, Jesus prayed in a desperate manner (Mark 14:32-34). But Hebrews 5:7 mentions ‘loud cries’ and ‘tears’. And we may not expect that.

These were not the cries and tears of someone who was angry with God. And they were not the cries and tears of someone who felt hopeless. Jesus prayed like this because he had become completely human. He suffered as we suffer. He felt the pain, strain and weakness that we feel.

But Jesus also prayed like that because he trusted God, his Father. He respected the Father. His prayer showed attitudes that were holy and right. He knew that the Father was able to save him, even from death.

God heard that prayer which Jesus made. Although Jesus died, God did rescue his Son from death. He became alive again on the third day. And he lives always with God his Father, never to die again.

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