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A request for prayer

Hebrews 13:18

We can see that the author of the Book of Hebrews was humble. In this great book, he has not even placed one record of his own name. Clearly, he was not trying to become famous, or to be important in the churches. He was just carrying out his responsibility to teach the Bible. He was loyally serving God in the same manner that he urged other people to do.

It is only here, near the end of his book, that the author refers to himself. And he only does that because he wants to request prayer. He has written to Christians who are not mature in their relationship with God (Hebrews 5:11-14). They have been weak in faith (active belief and trust in God) Ė Hebrews 6:12. But the author is still humble enough to ask for their prayers. We do not know what his problems were. But he needed prayer.

The author declared that his conscience was right. He had examined his own thoughts and the reasons for his actions. And he believed that they were right and proper in Godís opinion. We are not sure why he wrote that. Perhaps, like Paul in Acts 20:26-27, he means that he had carried out his duties as a Christian leader properly. In this Book of Hebrews, he had written all that God wanted him to write.

But perhaps the author means that other people were accusing him. They were trying to prove that he was guilty of some wrong deed. It is possible that the author wrote this book in prison. He could not be sure what the judge would decide about him. But the author was confident that God considered his (the authorís) actions right and proper.

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