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Think about Christ

Hebrews 7:15-17

Here is some good advice if the facts about Christ ever seem difficult to understand. We should think about Christ. We should think about his life and his death. We should think about how he became alive again after his death. And we should think about the good things that God has done for us by means of Christ.

The author of Hebrews has been explaining about Melchizedek, and about his connection with Christís work as a priest. Few Christians would consider that lesson to be easy to understand. But we will understand the lesson much more clearly if we think about Christ.

We know that Christ has acted as our priest. We know it because he died as a sacrifice for our sins. A sacrifice is a gift that God considers valuable. Here, it is the blood of his own Son. Our sins are the bad and wrong things that we do against God. It is the priestís duty to offer the sacrifice on another personís behalf. So Christ is both our priest, and our sacrifice.

We know that Christ was not a priest by the law that Moses gave. Christ did not belong to the family of Aaron. But Melchizedek was also a priest who did not belong to Aaronís family. So, Christ was a priest like Melchizedek.

And we see that Christ has a life that can never end. He died, but he did not remain dead. He has overcome the power of death and hell. So he is able to serve as our priest, both now and always.

It was not men who appointed Christ to be priest. And he did not appoint himself. It was God the Father who did it. And he did it by the words that we read in Psalm 110:4. He appointed Christ to be both priest and king.

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