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What to do during troubles

Hebrews 10:36

Endurance means to stand firm during troubles. But clearly, the author of Hebrews did not intend his readers just to wait until their troubles were over! A person with endurance is strong during his troubles. He does not allow his troubles to overcome him.

During troubles, it is easy to feel hopeless. But a Christian has every reason for hope. God is on his side, and God will not disappoint his people. In the end, he will rescue them from all their troubles (Romans 8:37-39).

Often, it is easy to do nothing if we are suffering. But a Christian should not do nothing! He should do what God wants. And what God wants is for that Christian to trust him (Hebrews 10:38). God wants each Christian to live by faith (active belief and trust in God). And that is endurance. Faith in God makes a person patient and strong during troubles.

Faith does that because the person with faith is trusting Godís promises. In Hebrews chapter 11, the author gives many examples to show us what that really means.

The author of Hebrews writes that his original readers needed endurance during their troubles. They had that quality once, when they first became Christians (Hebrews 10:32). Perhaps they lost it. Or perhaps not.

It is the experience of every Christian that fresh troubles need a fresh experience of God. His help yesterday is not enough for today. Christians constantly need his kindness.

And each day, God shows his kindness (Lamentations 3:22-23). Each day, he gives us the strength and the support that we need for that day.

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