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The downloads on this page are sections from our commentaries. If you would like to download a commentary covering a complete Bible book, please go to our Bible course download page.

We are very pleased to offer twenty new E-books for the Amazon Kindle. Each of these e-books is FREE of charge, and can be downloaded from the links below. These are brand new books, published in 2011 or 2012, and each is on a Bible-based subject, offering thought-provoking and challenging insights into the Bible's message. They are for Christians and non-Christians alike.

To download these books, please right-click on the titles below, then select 'save target as' or 'save link as', then save them to your computer. Then copy them to your Kindle's documents folder, or email them to your Kindle's email address. If you would like to download everything in a single ZIP file, then use this link: Download all Kindle ebooks, then either unzip and copy to the Kindle, or you can simply email the ZIP file to your Kindle's email address, and all our books will be downloaded into your Kindle automatically.

Ecclesiastes series This series covers topics such as: the purpose and meaning of life; how to prepare for the future; how to cope with troubles, danger and death.

Hebrews series This series covers topics such as: who Jesus really is; what the purpose was of Jesus' death; the promises of God; and the meaning and importance of faith.

We also have available Kindle Gospel (40 mini-chapters on Mark's Gospel by Keith Simons) - please click this link for a page where you can download it:
Kindle Gospel

The Amazon Kindle is a small hand-held e-book reader. If you don't have one, you can still read books from us online on this website, free of charge - please use this link:
Useful Bible homepage
However, if you want the convenience of reading the books on your Kindle, please use the links above.

Each book is supplied in .PRC (Unprotected Mobipocket) format, which may be usable in some other types of E-book readers, too.

All our books are copyright, but you have permission to download copies for yourself and to use them on your E-book reader. Please tell your friends about these books and encourage them to use this website. Thank you.

Please let us know your comments on our books. Did you find them helpful? Would you like to have more of them? You can contact us via the address on this page:
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