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Develop in your relationship with God

Philippians 3:15

It should be the deepest desire of every Christian’s heart to have a perfect and complete relationship with God. That is the purpose for which God created men and women. Nothing can be more wonderful than to achieve that purpose.

In this world and in the present age, such a relationship may not be possible. Even Paul had to confess that he was not yet perfect (3:12). However, he did not give up in his desire to achieve it. The difficulties in his life gave him constant opportunities to trust God more and to serve God more loyally. So he was developing in his Christian life, as all God’s people should do.

Perhaps some of Philippi’s Christians thought that they were already perfect. If they were sincere and loyal Christians, Paul had no desire to argue with them. Paul had told them the truth about himself; it was their own duty to examine their own lives in front of God (1 Corinthians 11:28). God could have shown them things that he had not yet shown to Paul. However, Paul would still urge every Christian to grow and to develop in his or her relationship with God.

Paul did not need to prove that he was right. God works in the life of every one of his people (Romans 8:28-30). It is the work of God, and not human effort, that will make their relationship with him complete (1:6). So Paul trusted God to complete the work that he (God) had begun in the lives of Philippi’s Christians.

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