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Give Christ the honour

Philippians 1:26

In 1 Corinthians 1:31, Paul told Christians to have pride in Christ, and in nobody else. In other words, they should declare Christ’s greatness; they should give him honour. Only he deserves that they should praise him.

Paul wrote the Book of Philippians as a prisoner. However, he hoped and believed that he would receive his freedom. He intended then to travel to Philippi. He wanted to teach the Christians there, so that their joy and their trust in God would increase (1:25).

The Christians at Philippi were Paul’s special friends, who for several years had supported him with their gifts and prayers (1:5). They would be very happy to see him free again; perhaps they also might feel proud that he had chosen to visit them. So, there was a danger that, during his visit, everyone would want to speak about Paul, and not about Christ. Perhaps they would all want to praise Paul for the way that he had stood firm during his troubles. That was wrong, because they should be praising Christ alone for his (Christ’s) work in Paul’s life. Without God’s grace (kindness) and the strength that Christ gives, Paul could not have stood for Christ during his troubles (2 Corinthians 12:7-10).

So, Paul urged the Christians to give the honour for every good thing to Christ alone. What Paul did in his life was only possible because of Christ’s goodness. So Paul would give all the honour for his freedom to Christ; and he urged Christians to do the same.

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