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Paul’s plan to visit Philippi after Timothy

Philippians 2:23-24

Paul told the Christians in Philippi that he was organising a series of Christian leaders to come to them. Each of these would stay in their city and teach in their church:

(1) Firstly, Epaphroditus (verses 25-30) would come. It is likely that Epaphroditus actually took Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi. Epaphroditus came from there; it seems that he was simply returning home.

(2) A short time afterwards, Paul hoped to send Timothy (verses 19-23) to them. However, first Paul wanted to hear the news about what would happen to him (to Paul). He was at this time a prisoner; a judge might either order his freedom or his death. So, Timothy would leave soon after that, to take the news to Paul’s friends at Philippi.

(3) However, Paul did not believe that any judge would make the final decision about him. Paul’s trust was in the Lord, in other words, in Christ. He prayed and believed that God would bring about his (God’s) own plans and purposes in this situation. Paul had always depended on God to guide him in his Christian life; this situation was no different.

So even in this situation, Paul was praying and thinking about which churches needed his help. One of the churches that he intended to visit soon was the church at Philippi (verse 24). He has already explained what he hoped to achieve by his visit there (1:25-26). So, if God made it possible for him to come, Paul would be pleased to go there again.

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