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Philippi’s Christians never forgot Paul

Philippians 4:10

For several years, Paul had worked to establish churches in the countries now called Greece and Turkey. That work was successful, with the result that there were now many new churches there.

Paul would remember those new Christians and their churches for the rest of his life. He prayed constantly for them. However, it may have seemed to him as if they had forgotten him. There were no telephones then, and it was difficult even to send a letter. Paul was a prisoner now; he could not go where he wished.

The Christians in Philippi were Paul’s special friends. While Paul was working in their own region, Macedonia, they frequently sent him gifts (4:15). No other churches did that. Then Paul went to work elsewhere, and afterwards he became a prisoner. The Christians in Philippi may not have even known where Paul was. So, it seemed to Paul as if they too had forgotten him.

Then, after some years, the church at Philippi received a report about Paul’s difficult circumstances in prison. They were so eager to help that they sent Epaphroditus on a long and dangerous journey to take their gifts. Paul accepted those gifts with great joy, because of the generous and willing attitudes of their hearts.

So Paul could see now that they never actually did forget him. They still loved him; they still cared for him – they simply had no opportunity to show it. Probably they had continued to support Paul in prayer for all those years (1:5). However, Paul only became aware of that fact when he received their gifts.

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