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Reasons to study the Book of Philippians

(1) Philippians shows that Christians can receive joy from God even in extremely difficult situations. Paul wrote as a prisoner when a judge could order his death (1:20). However, he was joyful (1:18) and he urged Philippi’s Christians to be joyful too (4:4).

(2) The book shows what a Christian’s attitudes should be towards such important matters as death (1:21-24), love for other people (2:1-4) and proper thoughts (4:8).

(3) It includes a wonderful description of Christ’s humble attitudes, and the honour that he deserves (2:5-11).

(4) Paul teaches Christians not to live for personal ambition (1:14-18), but rather to desire that they will truly know Christ (3:7-14).

(5) Paul shows the attitude that Christians should have towards their possessions. They should never be greedy or selfish (3:17-19). They should be content with whatever God provides for them (4:11-13). They should give generously, and they should trust God to provide for them (4:14-19).

(6) The book contains an extraordinary statement about Paul’s own life in 3:4-14. Paul had many advantages in life before he became a Christian. However, he saw that he could depend on none of those advantages to give him righteousness, a right relationship with God. Instead, he must trust Christ, and Christ’s death for him. By that means, Paul received a new kind of life, in the same way that Christ himself rose from death. That life would bring Paul through all his troubles in life and, afterwards, would take him to be with Christ in heaven (1:21-23).

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