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Someone who truly cares about people

Philippians 2:20-21

Paul has urged Philippi’s Christians to be like Christ: with humble attitudes, willing to obey God in everything (2:5-8). However, Christ was perfect in every way; perhaps Philippi’s Christians would consider it too difficult even to try to imitate him.

So, Paul would send to them a person with exactly the qualities that he has described. Timothy cared in an extraordinary way for other people; and in particular, God had given him great love for the people in Philippi. In his life and in his daily behaviour, they would see the personal qualities that they needed. Then they could pray for God to give them these qualities too; and Timothy himself would be there to teach them.

Many other people, including many church leaders, care too much about themselves. Paul had even seen that some people declare the gospel, the message about Christ, for their own advantage (1:15-18). Sometimes that kind of attitude seems almost natural to us, as if everyone thinks like that. However, God does have some loyal people, like Timothy, who have a different attitude. Those people choose not to think about what they want for themselves; instead, they care deeply about what Christ wants. So of course it is their sincere desire to obey Christ in everything. That attitude causes them to care about other people, because God cares for those people. They have learnt the true meaning of God’s command that they should love other people (Luke 10:25-37). So with glad and willing hearts, they help other people whenever God gives them the opportunity.

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