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Chapter 4

Stand up for Jesus!

Philippians 4:1

It is interesting to see Paul’s word-pictures to describe how Christians should live. First, he described them as runners in a race, who must overcome their difficulties to win the prize (3:13-14). Then (in the original language), he described them as people who walk; they must constantly stay on the correct path (3:16-17). In the same way, Christians must overcome their difficulties by their constant trust in Christ; and, Christians must stay loyal to Christ.

Now, in Philippians 4:1, he describes them as people who stand. Even a person who is only standing must be careful. He needs to stand up straight and to choose a firm place to stand; otherwise, he may fall. He too may have great difficulties: perhaps he is a soldier who stands in a battle. He must not turn back or run away; he must not tremble with fear.

In the same way, a Christian must not allow his fears and doubts to overcome him. He must remain loyal to Christ in every situation, and he must put his trust in him. He must remain constant in his love for Christ, and in his relationship with him. He must stand against the devil’s attacks, not in his own strength, but in the strength that comes from Christ (2 Corinthians 12:9-10). In himself, the Christian knows that he is not strong enough to do any of these things. His power to do them comes entirely from his relationship with Christ.

So, Paul urges Christians to have a strong and close relationship with Christ. Paul chooses words that express his deep love for the Christians in Philippi. He encourages them to turn from every evil deed, every false idea and every wrong attitude. Instead, they must depend completely on Christ; they must learn about him from the Bible and obey him.

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